Transformational Therapy To Manage Your Mind and Find Happiness, Calm & Emotional Freedom

Are you ready for deep and lasting change?

“My issue, a core issue, has vanished.  I’m no longer living from a place of fear.  I was worried, unable to sleep, constantly second guessing myself. Now, I sleep well, I am sure of myself and can easily tap into that joy which is our natural inheritance.  Thank you so much for guiding me to heal what I have been keeping inside of me for 58 years.”

Linda, London 

What makes the Simply Clear Way so effective?

Traditional Therapy


The Simply Clear Way

The key to true transformational change

Blending Different Tools!...

The key to long lasting change is to combine different diciplines and therapies, tailoring the work to the individual. 

CBT only focuses on the conscious mind, Mindfulness does not teach you how to change your thoughts and Counselling does not recode trauma.  

We can be re-traumatised by simply talking about problems without recoding it in your system.

All these disciplines have great points, but none do it all by them self!

Here at Simply Clear Coaching, the last 15 years have been dedicated to learning and honing the most effective and powerful and rapid change modalities. These are like pieces of the puzzle, working together for transformational and lasting change.

What Methods are used?...

Everyone’s journey is different and with a tailored approach.  The tools which I combine include:

Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP):  

The key to rewire your mind and emotional responses

Emotional Freedom techniques (EFT):  

Release negative emotions rapidly from your system

Hypnosis and Trance:  

Use the power of your unconscious mind and the resources hidden inside

Somatic modalities

Release negative emotions and trauma that have been stored in your body

“David worked on every issue troubling me, it was like he untangled my head and his techniques will put me in good stead for the future.”

Charlotte, Norfolk

The 4 Steps to Change...

1. What do you want?

We will get crystal clear on what you want to achieve from therapy.  We will set the intention right from the beginning, if you are not sure what that is yet that is ok!  Our first step will be an initial consultation to talk about what you want, and create a vision together, which you can book on this page.

2. Break current Patterns

Using a range of techniques and tools we will  neurologically shift your old ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.  We will collapse old limiting beliefs, making way for new ones.  This can involve recoding past experiences and trauma.  You will be taught tools to use in outside the sessions.

3. a new brain blueprint

Now, we have cleared out the old and made way for the new.  We will install new patterns, beliefs, responses and behaviours deep into your unconscious.  We will also use altered states to access the resources of your subconscious mind. This is where the real magic happens.

4. Supporting your Growth

I will support you in every way I can and also hold you accountable for making the necessary changes that make the difference that is the difference.  Sometimes we all need a personal cheerleader encouraging us from the side lines.  This is a new chapter of growth and transformation.

As we follow these steps of change, you will see and feel the difference unfold in your life.  It all starts with booking your one to one consultation call with me by clicking the button below.

“Before having Neuro Linguistic Programming for years I’d just never been able to go to sleep at night, watching hour after hour pass by.  Now as if by magic, I go to bed and don’t remember anymore until I wake up.  It’s turned my life around and this transformation can only be put down to Neuro Linguistic Programming, I had literally tried everything else.”

James, Norfolk

Issues I have Helped People with

Over the last 15 years I have helped people with…

“Having been terrified of all kinds of reptiles my whole life I was sceptical.  What can I say? The result was astounding. When I confronted my first large lizard in the wild, I was calm, composed and in control. I cannot thank David enough or recommend him highly enough for anyone who has a debilitating phobia or fear. For me, he quite literally worked a miracle.”

Suzy, Australia

Meet Your Therapist

David Williams -
BSc. Occupational Therapy, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, EFT Practitioner, Spectrum Emotional Coach.

I am David Williams and my journey started 15 years ago whilst working as a therapist in NHS acute mental health services and suffering from anxiety myself.

My life has been spent learning how to use the mind to it’s fullest potential, create emotional resilience and freedom and become the best us.  

It is my obsession with solution focused psychology and personal growth, which gets me out of bed in the morning and you the results!

I have worked with thousands of clients and I love seeing the transformation in people as they gain control of their mind and achieve what they never thought possible.

Alongside being a Society of NLP accredited Master Practitioner and Trainer, I integrate many other cutting edge change modalities and tools to get you the results you want.  Fully accredited and insured.

I also love nature and dancing Argentine Tango! 

I can’t wait to connect with you and start your journey of change together.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Wayne Dyer


Sandra – Blocks and trauma release

Dipesh – Anxiety and overwhelm

Dylan – Confidence and empowerment

Avis – Covid and driving anxiety

Xyrus – Extreme dog phobia

“I feel more confident about myself, which allowed me to tackle everyday situations.  Various different techniques helped me overcome difficult scenarios and walking my time line enabled me to focus on the future and not on the past, making me feel a lot happier.”

Jane, Essex

Book a your free consultation call with me

You can book a no obligation call with me to discuss how I can help you.  Just select a time slot that is convenient for you below.  I will call at the time you choose.  

During the call I will get a picture of where you are at, what you want and create a map of how to achieve the change you desire and deserve.  Looking forward to speaking all things mind magic and emotional freedom with you.  David Williams