Creating a More Resilient, Happy &
Productive Workplace

Transformational training to build emotional resilience, bounce back factor and wellbeing of your team. 

Created to engage, inspire and educate your employees in the art of resilience, managing stress and maintaining workplace wellbeing.  

This allows your staff to shine and  perform at their best.  Creating a happier, more resilient and productive team and organisation.

Delivering cutting edge neuroscience tools, methods and knowledge and drawing on 15 years experience in Therapy, Psychology and Training.

Employers have a responsibility to look out for their workforce’s wellbeing and this leads to less sick days, less stress and lower staff turn over.

Face to Face or remote online delivery

What your team will learn...

Manage stress and overwhelm

Understand how stress or anxiety personally affects you, the neuroscience behind it and how to manage this.

Daily routines for wellbeing

Strategies to introduce into your daily routine to enhance wellbeing and maintain it for more happiness and resilience

tools based in neuroscience

A whole tool kit of practical, rapid and instantly applicable techniques and strategies for resilience and wellbeing. Now and life long.

Self awareness & Emotional Intelligence

Gain more self-awareness and emotional intelligence.  Learn to quickly identify what is going on for you, how to articulate this and what your needs are.

Foster a supportive Environment

Become more aware of other’s emotional states and needs so you can offer practical support in the right way, without it taking away your energy.  Share these tools with colleagues and loved ones.

More focus and productivity

Learn mindfulness and meditation skills, to be more in the present moment and stop over thinking. This improves focus and productivity levels for individual team members and organisation as a whole.

“Engaging, life changing and hugely helpful.  Gives you clarity and real insight into your mind and useable tools to use and practice”

Sophie MacDonald

Why choose us?

“Go! Experience it and give yourself a chance to learn.  This training is incredibly thought provoking and makes you challenge your approach to thought processing”

Michael Legon

Research shows happy people perform better, so it's a win for your staff and your business. Happier staff means:


More productive


Higher sales


Lower staff turnover


Less sick leave

What's included with the training?

1. Impactful training

Engaging, hands on, interactive and  thought provoking training for real impact.  Catering for all learning styles, even the sceptical!  Leaving a lasting impression long after the session.

2. resilience manual

Each delegate receives a 30 page manual to complete during the training.  This is something members keep and will serve as a reference whenever they need it.  Life long skills at your finger tips.

3. Meditation MP3's

Members will be given a digital copy of a confidence and stress management meditation.  These are designed to compliment the ongoing resilience of attendees and deeply embed wellbeing.

4. Cutting edge content

Learn the most up to date and cutting edge tools based on Neuro science. Skills that everyone should learn at school to manage your mind and emotions and become the best you.

“Empowering! Gives you the tools to manage your state and improve your mental health,

The tools will push me out of my comfort zone, help me communicate better and make me start believing in myself again”

Emily Canadamasa

Meet Your Trainer David Williams

BSc Occupational Therapy, Society of NLP Master practitioner and trainer, Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, Performance Coach

I am David Williams and my journey started 15 years ago working as a therapist in NHS mental health services.  My life has been dedicated to learning to use the mind to its fullest potential and create emotional resilience.

My Mission…

To help individuals and organisations to find emotional freedom and reach their potential, through simple, relatable and transformational tools.

I have worked with thousands of clients one to one and through trainings to master their mind and manage their emotions.  

Alongside being a trainer of resilience and wellbeing, I am a Society of NLP accredited Trainer and I am always creating new ways to serve people in their mental health.   

I also love nature and dance Argentine Tango! 

“Relaxed, engaging, humorous, compassionate, very knowledgable and great delivery.

Techniques to manage stressful situations and more awareness of your mental health state and that of others.”

Francine Cole – Site Access Coordinator

“I rarely manage to focus on trainings, but David had me engaged the whole day.  I have lots of new strategies to put into place to raise my resilience.” 

Joanne Edwards – Commercial Assistant

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