Leading Through Emotional Intelligence

Transformational leadership training to relate to, communicate with and inspire the best from your talent and teams.

 For more productive, cohesive and resilient organisations.  

Managing and leading teams with different personalities, emotional states, skill sets and needs can be challenging and overwhelming.  

This quite often leads to frustration, staff feeling unheard, misunderstood or under valued.  Even when you are doing your best. 

This results in friction underperformance, miscommunication, an unsettled mindset and organisation.

We deliver bespoke training, with  cutting edge tools, models and language patterns, drawing on 15 years experience in Psychology, Coaching and Training.

If you want the best from your talent, you have a to lead with emotional intelligence and use language to truly resonate and inspire.  

When staff feel supported they will perform at their best, have less sick days and reduce turn over.

Face to Face or remote online delivery

What you will learn...

psychology of your staff and team

Get inside the mind of your staff and understand their individual behaviours, reactions, motivation and drivers.  When you understand these psychological principles, you can really get the best from your staff and identify the strategies and approach to achieve the best results for individuals. 

Rapport building models

Learn powerful tools and language models to build rapport with your staff and clients, even those who you find frustrating and do not connect easily with! 

When you have rapport you can have more influence, with more influence you can lead with finesse and mutual respect for true impact.

Language of leadership

Learn leadership language models and patterns for true impact and influence.  

When you master the language of Leadership, you can inspire, reframe, influence and shift  mindsets into more positive ones.  

Ensure your message lands deeply every time.

Self-awareness & Emotional Intelligence

Gain more self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

  Learn to quickly and astutely identify what is going on emotionally for you and your team.  

Through this awareness and knowledge it improves you and your teams’s resilience and wellbeing.

Coaching & mentoring skills

Learn tools to coach and mentor others.  These skills help create a supportive environment and an eco system of wellbeing, resilience and performance.  

With these practical tools, you can have confidence to support your team.  Happy and supported staff perform better, have less sick days and less turnover.  

Conflict Resolution strategies

Learn how to manage conflict in the workplace.  

Understand how miscommunication, conflict and problem focused mindsets take hold and spread.  

Learn how how to turn this around and promote a collaborative approach to resolving conflict between at work.

Ongoing systems and processes

Take away systems and processes which you can instantly introduce to your work place.  Designed to foster an ongoing open communication loop between management and team members.  With open communication staff feel valued, understood and heard, resulting in organisational increased wellbeing and performance.  

“Engaging, life changing and hugely helpful.  Gives you clarity and real insight into your mind and useable tools to use and practice”

Sophie MacDonald

What you will love about us

“Go! Experience it and give yourself a chance to learn.  This training is incredibly thought provoking and makes you challenge your approach to thought processing”

Michael Legon

When you lead with emotional intelligence, staff are happier. Research shows happier staff means:


More productive


Higher sales


Lower staff turnover


Less sick leave

What's included with the training?

1. Bespoke training

I will meet with your organisation and establish the challenges you currently have and create an engaging, hands on, interactive and impactful training perfect for your current needs.  Catering for all learning styles to leave a long lasting impression and mindset shifts within your organisation.

2. Leadership manual

Each delegate receives their Leadership manual to compliment the training.  This is something delegates keep and will serve as a reference whenever they need it.  Life long skills at your finger tips as you take your leadership skills forward in your workplace and lead your teams through goos times and bad.

3. Cutting edge content

Learn the most up to date and cutting edge leadership tools, based in Emotional Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) and psychology. Gain the skills to transform your interactions with, understand and inspire your workforce. These skills will improve relationships and dynamics, not just in the workplace, but outside too.

3. Follow up Support

After completion of your training, a follow up session will take place to review progress and results and provide support.  This is a great way to ensure that tools and strategies are being implemented within the organisation.  Making sure the training is continuing to ripple it’s change into the fabric of your organisation’s mindset and eco system.

“Empowering! Gives you the tools to manage your state and improve your mental health,

The tools will push me out of my comfort zone, help me communicate better”

Emily Canadamasa

Meet Your Trainer David Williams

BSc Occupational Therapy, Society of NLP Master practitioner and trainer, Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, Performance Coach

I am David Williams and my journey started 15 years ago working as a therapist in NHS mental health services.  

My life has been dedicated to deep diving into all things psychology, communication and success.

My Mission…

To help organisations to reach their potential through simple, relatable and transformational tools and training.

I have worked with thousands of people one to one and my programs, to build emotional intelligence and resilience, to communicate effectively and achieve success.  

I am a Society of NLP accredited Trainer and I am always creating new ways to serve people and organisations in reaching their potential.   

I also love nature and dance Argentine Tango! 

“David is relaxed, engaging, humorous, compassionate, very knowledgable and great delivery.

Techniques to manage stressful situations and more awareness of your mental health state and that of others.”

Francine Cole – Site Access Coordinator

“I rarely manage to focus on trainings, but David had me engaged the whole time.  I have lots of new strategies to put into place to raise my resilience, awareness and communication.” 

Joanne Edwards – Commercial Assistant

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