Christmas stress busting strategies

Beat Christmas stress with these 3 strategies

“Its the most wonderful time of the year,” says the song.  However, Christmas can cause stress!  With shopping to do, things to organise, pressure, expectations and no time.  Sound familiar?

With us rocketing head fast into the Christmas period and being reminded of it left right and centre, I wanted share these three top pointers to help you find your Christmas calm.


1 – Take mindful moments

When you feel stressed, pause, drop your shoulders and take three slow deep breaths.  Notice five things you see, 3 things you hear, 2 sensations you feel.  This grounds you instead of getting locked in your thoughts.  Start yourself a daily mindfulness practice with your free meditation below.

2 – Ask for what you need

We create pressure to be perfect and fulfil roles, however, if you need help, ask.  Communicate what you need calmly and clearly and explain why it’s important to you.  It’s ok if things aren’t perfect, life isn’t perfect, the world will not end and you will be ok.  Be kind to yourself.

3 – Be flexible in your traditions

Christmas is full of traditions and keeping these can result in expectation and obligation.  Just because that’s the way it’s always been done, doesn’t mean it has to continue.  Time to shake things up, it’s your Christmas too and it should work for you.

When we take care of ourselves and are feeling good, we can really be present with our loved ones in the way we want, instead of stress preoccupying and dominating us.

Whatever our circumstance, we can all experience stress or anxiety and we all need the skills to master our mind and emotions, why?  Because wherever you go, your mind goes too!

Your free mindfulness meditation download

You can access your free mindfulness meditation on the link below.  Cheers to your calm Christmas. 

Get your meditation HERE


Your Calm Coach and NLP Trainer,

David Williams 


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