Personal Powerhouse Program

8 Steps to true empowerment, so you can speak your truth confidently, believe in yourself, know your worth and say yes to life and no more to people pleasing!

Do you feel you are holding yourself back and living as a small version of yourself?

 Have you have spent your life people pleasing and saying yes to things even if you don’t want to?

People sometimes do not speak their truth because they are worried about what other’s may think and are fearful of confrontation.

Maybe you feel guilty about taking time for you or miss out on opportunities because of that inner critical voice.

When we don’t step into our power we can let other’s negativity energy drain us, leaving nothing for ourselves.

Sound familiar? 

If we don’t change it can cause resentment, which builds up, spilling out as frustrated outbursts or playing the passive, supporting role in your own life.

 We find ourselves years down the line still, living in fear of being our true selves, our life  led by other’s opinions and judgements, prioritising other’s needs above our own and opportunities passing us by.

We can tolerate bad behaviour and pressures from relatives, partners, friends, bosses and strangers.  

This can prevent ourselves from going for that new job/promotion, missing out on love, giving the wrong messages to our children, not finding joy and our world to shrink. 

Enough is enough!
Are you ready to step into true confidence and take the lead role in your one wild and precious life?

This program is for people who are finally ready to do different, before their life slips by and it is too late.

It is perfect for those who are ready to realise their true potential, show up and shine and take their life forward with confidence on their own terms.

It is time to make decisions for you, drop your limiting beliefs and nagging self-doubt, say no to others without guilt or fear and say YES to yourself with confidence.

It is time to start your new chapter and this is the support you need to take those steps.

8 Step online program to step into your personal power and say yes to you and life. Discover exactly what you will learn below...

Your 8 Steps to Personal Power

Each of these transformational modules builds on the last, giving you a step by step process to truly show up and shine as the best you.

Module 1 - Why do I please? and Changing your beliefs

In this session explore why is it that you people please and keep yourself small.

Discover the belief systems and thoughts which have been holding you back from shining.

Once you have discovered them, the meditation in this session will instal new empowering beliefs in your unconscious.  

You will also explore what empowerment really means for you.

 So you can give yourself a new blueprint and map of confidence for your mind to follow.

 What will life be like for you when you step into your personal power state beyond pleasing others?

The time is now! If not now, when?

Module 2 - Presenting yourself to the world with Confidence

Confidence and empowerment is not just what you believe and how you feel, it is how you present yourself to the world.

People respond to the way you behave, carry yourself and communicate.

In this session learn how to use your body language, tone of voice and the words you use to present with more authority in your life.

Your neuro chemistry is linked to your body posture. Your mind and body is rewiring constantly, shift your body posture and shift your neurology.

When you start to present yourself with more confidence, people will pick up on this and respond to you differently.

Module 3 - Protecting and expanding Your energy

We all know energy vampires, those who drain our energy and suck the life out of a room or situation.

Who do you know like this?

In this session you will learn how to protect your personal energy from people like this.

Discover the keys to expanding your energy so that you are not affected by these people.

You will learn how to create an empowered state of confidence inside of you and how to tap into this any time you wish.  

No matter where you are and whomever you are with, learn to stand strong in your power place around negativity and others.

Your energy deserves to shine.

Module 4 - how to speak your truth and be assertive

We have a responsibility to let others know how we want and deserve to be treated.  This can be scary if we don’t know how to deliver this.  

You will learn how communicate assertively and have those difficult conversations without guilt.

Learn my simple to follow step by step formula to communicate clearly, calmly and concisely without  emotions hijacking you in the moment

When we don’t speak our truth this erodes our confidence and self esteem over time. 

Now is the time to find your voice and speak your truth.

Module 5 - Self Love and healing your inner child

In this session you will learn to nurture self-kindness, something we all neglect in favour of self criticism.

That inner voice can be the beliefs of others.  

We can replay unhelpful messages we took on board when we were younger and from past experiences.

We all have a vulnerable younger us living inside.  

I will guide you through a powerful exercise to heal this version of you to let go of that inner fear. 

It is time to shed the shackles of the past, re-write your life script and nurture your future self.  

You deserve this.

Module 6 - Your life audit and finding your tribe

Sometimes we have to have a life cleanse, to let go of people that keep us small and drain our energy.

The less energy/time you invest in those that dim your light, the more you are free to spend with/find those who light you up.

I will teach you to assess the people in your life and how to let go and sever that emotional connection if they no longer are serving your highest self. 

It is time to find your tribe, people that inspire you, lift you up and help you to become the best version of yourself.  They are out there you just need to look.  

You are important!

Module 7 - Life compass and who you are truly meant to be

Let me teach you how to let your core values guide who you want to become. 

Tap into who are you are on the deepest of levels.  This is vital to stepping into your true power.

What is in your heart of hearts and what legacy do you want to leave?

  Tuning into that inner pull and intuition we all have, is one of the keys to really showing up and shining.

There is an essence that makes us us, those deepest desires that fill us with joy – Ignore this at your peril!

When you learn to take time, reflect on and tune into this part of you, your life path becomes clearer and you can let it guide you

In this module learn how to tune into your inner compass and follow it into a place of expansion and the life you deserve.

Module 8 - stretch your comfort zone and lean into change

In this module learn how to expand your comfort zone, and embrace change and uncertainty in the name of moving forward and your personal growth.

We all have a comfort zone that is familiar.  Even if this place is not making us happy, it can feel safe.

The art of growth and change is the ability to stretch and expand that comfort zone.

Learn to challenge yourself in a way that grows your confidence and helps you expand.

Develop your faith, take that leap into the next chapter and know the universe has got your back and is on your side. 

Once you learn to lean into uncertainty, then the world is your oyster and a palace of possibilities opens up.

  This takes you beyond anything you could have previously imagined and into the realm of dreams.

What makes this program different?

It is not just teaching you information, it is so much more!

Not Just Information
This is not your average program. It is not just about sharing knowledge. This is a life changing, interactive, game changing program that will stay with you for life. What you will learn will serve you for the rest of your days in every area of your life.
Rewire Your Mind
You will simply not be the same after you go through this program. It includes powerful hypnosis based meditations to generate deep change. Some people never discover their personal power and let their lives be guided by others, simply reacting instead of taking the reins. Don't let this be you.
Blend of Approaches
The Pleaser to Powerhouse program draws on many different powerful methodologies including solution psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Coaching. It is the power of these many different elements combined that gets the results for you.
15 Years Experience
15 years of knowledge and experience, have been drawn on to create the Pleaser to Powerhouse Program. Your Coach, David Williams has worked in NHS Mental Health Services as a therapist and Coached many people to live a life on their terms through programs and coaching.
"I am generally calmer and more equipped to deal with difficult situations/life events. David keeps you on track and is there to offer support if needed. In today's world which can be fast paced, this course teaches you to make your self-care a priority and come into your own power."
Pamela McGroaty

How Does it Work?

Your program is an online experience which consists of 8 game changing, life affirming modules.  

Each week you will receive a new module, each designed to escort you step by step from people pleaser to power house.

You will work through these within your personal login membership area.  

Each module consists of 3 elements:

1. Engaging bite size videos

Each module comes with a series of easy to follow videos, educating, inspiring and surprising you.

One module is released per week over 8 weeks.

These videos clearly guide you every step of the way into your Personal Power.

The videos are an ideal balance of teaching, insights, powerful visualisations and practical exercises.

 Each video and module builds on the next, so you have confidence in each and every step of your journey into the new you.

2. meditations to rewire your mind

Each module of the Personal Power Program comes with a powerful  hypnosis based meditation. 

These are designed to open your mind, install the knowledge and skills you have learnt and embed change deep into your unconscious mind.  

These meditations are all downloadable so you can have them on your device, and can be listened to for life.  

The learning never ends and we are always growing.

Let me be your guide into life long learning.

3. Power House manual

Each module comes with it’s own downloadable Personal Power worksheets.  

This is where you will record your thoughts and make notes.  

You will answer questions asked of you and they will help you  map your own Personal Power Journey. 

They serve as a guide and reminder of your learnings. 

I advise printing these and have them in one place so they become your own Personal Power Manual, which you can refer back to again and again.

Are you ready to discover who you are truly meant to be?

Start your Personal Power Journey today so you can look back on a life lived to the fullest.

What Support Do I Get?

With your Program you get lifetime access to all content. You get everything you need to feel supported in stepping into your personal power.

Lifetime access to content

From the moment you enrol you will get sent your log in details and have instant access to the first module.  

The modules are released weekly and are saved in your membership area.  You will have life time access to all of the content, so you can log on and review whenever you want. 

Being able to revisit what you have already learnt makes sure you continue your growth far beyond the initial 8 weeks.  It is just the beginning!

Live Group coaching sessions

You will be invited to 8 weekly group video coaching calls from when you enrol. This is a chance to meet and engage with your fellow Powerhouse Peers and interact with me.

  It is a chance to ensure you are feeling supported with the material and on track with your journey.  

You do not need to feel alone with this process.  Build a community.  If you cannot join live, the recordings will be available to watch.

E-mail support throughout

From the moment you join the Program you will receive E-mails each week, giving you hints and tips and making sure you are on track with working through your program.  

This will give you a chance to reply to these E-mails and ask any questions you may have during your journey. 

 Sometimes you just need that question answered and I have got your back. Your Personal power Cheerleader.

Private Facebook support group

Get access to our private Facebook Support Group.  This is where you can connect with other members, ask questions, post your wins and feel supported.  Being part of a community is important when it comes to making change and personal growth.  Life-time access when you join.

"I am so grateful to have had this opportunity. The course, meditations and David's expertise are all delivered in a clear and compassionate way. Meeting others on the program has been wonderful, we all just want to be our best version of ourselves. We (and you) all deserve that. I highly recommend this programme.... My life has changed, I feel so much more confident about who I am. I hope everyone who needs to change their lives for the better comes on this journey"

Hear Carol's full story here:

Meet Your Coach

David Williams - Creator of The Pleaser to Powerhouse Program

Hi, I am David Williams your Coach and Change Agent.

I have a background as a therapist in mental heath services and hold a BSc hons in Occupational Therapy and am a NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Spectrum Emotional Practitioner and your personal Coach.

With15 years experience in therapy, coaching, emotional resilience, positive psychology and change, I draw on many different disciplines and methodologies.

I have been on my own journey from people pleaser to finding my personal power and I lovingly created this program for you from all of this experience, to help you live a fulfilled life as the best version of you.

I believe every one deserves the tools and has the right to the life they want beyond fear and self doubt.

I am dedicated to offering my skills and knowledge to the world, so that anyone can finally rewire their mind for resilience, happiness and success.”

Is This Program Right for You?

I only want you to join this program if it is perfect for you.  

Have a look below, then you can decide it is right for you with confidence.

who this isn't for

who this IS for

"It has been an incredible program, each week delivering so much knowledge, information, videos, practice and techniques that are totally power evoking and life changing for me. I have noticed positive shifts in my life, I have developed a deeper understanding and awareness of me and I feel stronger and focused. I am so grateful to have experienced this and to meet a wonderful group of people. I am dealing with every day situations and difficult conversations in a different and more confident way, thank you David"
Gill Bailey

Watch full interview with Gill here:

Complete 8 module Program
8 live group coaching calls with access to recordings
Support E-mails throughout to keep you on Track
Membership to private facebook support group
Life-time access to your content
30 day money back guarantee

Is it your time to rediscover you?...

If so, you can book a call with me below and we can talk about your empowerment goals and how I can support you achieve them. Speak to your soon, Your Coach and Trainer David.

I have confidence in what I teach and I have confidence in Your ability to change.

That is why I am offering a 30 day money back guarantee

Within 14 days, if you have watched the videos, completed the worksheets, listened to your meditations and you still do not think it is for you, no problem. 

"Having suffered from anxiety and lack of confidence for some time, I am so glad I joined the Powerhouse program. The course is easy to understand with weekly modules and David Williams is the best mentor! He is so calming and knowledgable. I now feel stronger, more confident and have a positive outlook on life. Making my own decisions is becoming so much easier. I am now expanding my world, feeling happier and enjoying the good stuff in life."
Avis Howard

This program is perfect for people that ask questions!

It is those that ask questions that get the best results. Here are questions people ask before they decide to join Us.

It is natural to need clarity to invest in yourself, because your future means so much to you.  

Everyone who follows this program will make change.

It is impossible to unlearn what you are going to learn and I only teach techniques which have been tried and tested over the last 15 years.  

It is a bit like learning the world is round instead of flat.  It’s then in your awareness and there is nothing you can do about it!   

The meditations in this program embed the changes and positive messages into your unconscious for truly deep change.

This experience educates, inspires and supports you, whilst recoding your sense of identity and self belief.

It is not just giving you information!

The Personal Power program draws on may different diciplines, including coaching, positive psychology, Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP), meditation and energy psychology.

The Personal Power program blends the best techniques to get the best results, so deep unconscious change happens.

That is perfectly normal.  Change means a lot to you, it is your future after all! 

If you have been feeling disempowered for some time, self doubt can creep in. 

This is exactly why you need this program.  The Personal Power Program is about stretching your comfort zone, one of the main skills in growth.

So if you are feeling some resistance, take this as a sign that this program is exactly twhat you need!

So you can learn to take that leap of faith for your future, because you are worth it, important and deserve a spectacular life. 

You just have some limiting beliefs that you need to bust through.  That is exactly what I am here to help you do.

Time pressures can be overwhelming, living busy lives with families, jobs, businesses and other commitments.

The program is released over 8 weeks and it can be completed in that time.  

But do not fear, if you do not complete the content for that week before the next is released that is absolutely fine.

You will have life time access to your course content, it isn’t going anywhere.

This is a life long journey into your Personal Power, growing and evolving.  These are life long skills you are about to learn.

The group coaching calls will be available to watch back on replay, so you can always catch up in your own time.

Not creating time for ourselves actually results in more stress and frustration, making the problem worse.  

When we live in our power, we actually have more time because we dedicate it to ourselves instead of others who are making demands on it!  How will you spend that time?

Inaction can result in another 5 years flying past and finding yourself in exactly the same position!  

Not necessary, don’t be that person!

The answer is as much as you want.

The more time you put into your program, the better the results you will experience, like anything.  

Once a week you will need to watch the videos for that week and complete your Personal Power worksheets (about 1 hour max)

Then just listen to the accompanying mind management meditations once a day before you move onto the next week.

This can be done any time, in the morning, on your lunch, before bed, even on the train!  

When you do this, it is a sign to your unconscious that you are committed to stepping into your power and you are important.

Is your future worth 15 minutes minutes a day?  I really hope so otherwise this program is not for you!

You will be taught different skill sets throughout the program and each is a skill set to fine tune.  

If you want muscles, you go to the gym, if you want wellbeing, you dedicate time to it. 

As well as you making great shifts during the program, you will have your content to reflect on and go over when you want.  You have life time access.

The answer is no!  I bet you have heard that change is painful and takes a long time!  

This is a modern experience with the most up to date methods.  

So from the first day, you will have tools and strategies to implement in your life straight away.  

The tools I use with people are fast to get change, powerful shifts and insights. 

As long as you are willing to challenge yourself and follow what I have to share, you will soon be feeling and carrying yourself through life differently. 

I witness these shifts daily in the work that I do.  It truly can feel like magic when powerful change happens.

In reality it is science in action (and 15 years of experience at play).

“I know that you have had enough of putting yourself last, because you have landed on this page.  

Living as a small version of yourself leads you to miss out on life and live it on others terms.

The ability to speak your truth and carve your own path is one of the most powerful skills you can learn, allowing you to really show up and live a life of fulfilment that you are proud of.  

What legacy are you going to leave? 

I am glad you are here and I know taking action can sometimes be scary, especially when it means so much.  It isn’t just others that step out of their comfort zone, it can be you too!  

So if you would like to talk to me about the program, then simply drop me an E-mail below.

So come join the Empowerment family and start your Personal Power journey today.

You are amazing.”

Your Coach and personal cheer leader.

David Williams 🙂

Maybe you have a Question? book a call with me here

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