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How to say No to others & Yes to yourself - Assertiveness skills to speak your truth & reclaim your power

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What you will learn in this 45 minute training...

Learn the three C's of Assertiveness

Use these 3 simple C's so you can communicate assertively when you need to and make sure your needs are heard.

Stop other's negative energy draining you!

Learn how to not let others negativity drain you and why it is so important to save energy for you.

Learn the 5 steps to true empowerment

Let me share with you the 5 steps everyone needs to feel empowered and live fully as the true them.

Understand why you people please and how to stop

Once you understand what is driving your people pleasing, you can start to change this and stop putting everyone's needs above your own.

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A personal note from Your Empowerment Coach David Williams

 I love sharing these skills and it is now time for you to learn to live assertively, to tune into who you truly are and say no to others and yes to yourself.  To drop the guilt around doing things for you and to look back and say you lived a full and meaningful life.  I will bring to this masterclass over 15 years experience as a therapist in mental health services and as a private empowerment coach.  See you in the training!

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